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RE: Idle and cruise, Help please.

Check for corrosion on the back of the fuse box. I had such on the back of
the fuse box on my 90, and weirdness ensued.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Sent: 	Thursday, April 18, 1996 2:19 PM
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>Subject: 	Idle and cruise, Help please.
>OK guys,
>My cruise has now stopped working.  I checked for the vacuum hoses, all
>seem to be alright.  Now, A week or so a go, it rained, and I had my fuse
>cover off, (I know, pretty dumb, but I forgot) and it rained in there.
>When I got to my car, my fan was running on high and the fuel pump was
>all the time.  I pulled the fuse for the fan, and well, had to leave
>the pump on.  It dried out and everything seemed fine.  But now, my
>cruise ain't working.  The fuse for it is alright.  What could be the
>problem and how would I go about the diagnosis for it?
>And idle problem that is REALLY WEIRD.  The valve I have taken apart
>and cleaned.  my car idle's alright sometimes but then occasionally
>it'll hunt between 1000-1400.  NOW, get this one.  I can pull the electric
>connection and plug it right back in and it will be fine for the time
>being.  BUT, this is stanger yet, I pull fuse 12, the one that 
>controls instrument cluster, ABS, etc. and when I push it back in, it GOES 
>AWAY!!  What is up with this?!  THis is to weird for me.  Any ideas?  
>Please help, I'm running out of em!  Thanks
>88 Audi 90
>85 5k
>90 200T