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new mailing list for NW USA audi enthusiasts

The response to the idea of setting up a regional (NW) mailing list
for audi owners and enthusiasts has been overwhelmingly positive.

The idea of this list is not to "breakaway" from the main list at coimbra
but rather to promote closer ties between audi owners and enthusiasts
living in the northwest.  Therefore the list topics on this new list
should be limited to only regional topics such as "where's a good place in
the NW to enjoy driving my quattro", or "let's all meet for pizza and beer
in the northlake tavern".  Generic audi topics should still be directed to
the main list at coimbra.

This list has also been set up as "non-global", so people surfing the net
will not see it listed anywhere.  Only people receiving this one
announcement and those hearing from it from word-of-mouth will know about
it.  The intent is ensure that the list at coimbra remains the main list
for newcomers.

To sign up, send the following email to:


In the body of the message include:

	subscribe audi-nw <your real name>