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Bentleys, S6's and Volvos

Todd wrote:
>Just a note before my bit problem post...
>Imparts in St. Louis has the Bentley manuals for the '88-91 80, 90 and coupes.
>I tried getting them from the publisher, but they were out of print until
>late >summer.  I think I saw a thread on the list about not being able to
>find these.
>~$81, I think...
>Hope this helps...

Does this mean that the Bentley manual for the '88-'91 80 & 90 + coupe are
all contained in the same manual?  Does this mean they are separate and
Imparts has them all in stock?  I will call them, but I was just wondering.

Got the shift boot back today, it looks better than the original (and was
only $20.00).

Finally, thanks for all of the help with the S6 wagon and sedan, but I
think I am out of luck.  I had a dealer search done for cars in California,
as I would like to avoid the f**king outrageous fees to have a non-CA car
brought here and registered.  While there are cars out there in other
states, California either has none or the dealer is not talking (b/c they
can make a big profit on these).  Out of state cars will not even pass the
current Cal. EPA regs b/c there was little problem between the 95's and
95.5's.  The only ones left are the 95's, and these will not pass (from
what I am told) the smog check here and all kinds of other bulls**t.

I will probably wait until next year, but I have to tell you the new Volvos
are nice. The Volvo Western Rep was at a dealer the other day, and the AWD
Volvos are coming.  The new 850R's are nice (250hp, suede seats and only
$37k).  I am not a traitor, but then again, side impact airbags are

Adios, amigos.

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