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Re: Coupe q help needed !!! (little long)

On Thu, 18 Apr 96 Todd asked:
Subject: Coupe q help needed !!!

>1) Today a high frequency buzzing started from the area directly behind the right 
>rear passenger headrest.

More likely the air pump for the central locking system.  Mine very sporadically
does the same thing...

>2) Owners manual states: Nothing about changing coolant. Car has 65k miles and the co>olant is brown... What should I do?

with 65 K, change it...

That there is no need to change transmission fluid. I wanted to put Redline fluid in, not wise?

Up to you.  I have 91k on my CQ, haven't changed the tranny fluid yet.

>3) Car has Bosch tri electrode plugs. Should I stick with these, platinum, silver, 
>or what? The car stumbles on starting. I'll start by changing the plugs and see if 
>this helps.

Do yourself a favor: also do the cap and rotor. The rotor is a pain in the butt. You
need to crush (yes crush) it with a pair of vise grips, remove the pieces, polish
the distributor shaft with some sand/emory paper, and slide on the new one.  Learned
this one the hard way. I didn't properly clean off the remnants of the old one, and 
tried to force on the new one.  Guess what??? The new one broke alot easier than the
old one that I had to get off.

>4) Also, other than AAA small car world, anyone know of parts yards with coupes? I 
>need a left fog light lens and a right rear light assembly. (fog light has bullet,
> tail light had bad new owner... I backed into the planer tonight as I was listening >to the whine stated above in (1).)    :^(

Whoops!  sorry ' bout that.  Good luk on the fog lights.  Most Coupe Q owners have
one with a broken lense.  You can't just buy a new lense and replace it.  New foglight
assembly is about $150 from Carlsen Audi, with the discount.  Since the lenses usually
are pitted, anyway.  I want to switch mine to either the PIAA 1000s or the KatZ fogs
(they're tiny).

>...where do I start in performance mods? I'm switching to synth oil this weekend 
>(not perf, but nice,) is there room to play with this car, or is it about as fast 
>as it'll get?

see my separate post

>Sorry to barrage you with questions... I've got a lot more questions and thoughts, 
>but I'll save them for later.

No problem, its great to help another Coupe Q owner!!

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q