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Help, Dropping Boost

I have a little problem I have been trying to fix
without success.  Over the last four months of
driving my Ur-Q, the maximum boost attainable has
been dropping. In december I reported times of
11.2 stock boost and 10.2 with 15 psig.  This last
week in the stock configuration I was getting near
14.0, and I can't achieve 15 psig.  In addition,
I have noticed some reduction in the speed of 
boost increase.

I have thouroughly done over the schrappnel knobben
and removed it as a possible source of problem.
Since stock boost times are effected this isn't 
suprising.  I have had some problem with the 
accordian hose, but have added another layer of
material to close off any possible leakage.  I still
hear some hissing under boost.  

Could this been air coming out the cruise control vavles 
at the pedals due to a bad one way valve?  

Would that effect boost by reducing the wg control pressure?

Is there some other area I should concentrate on?

I have used a propane torch as a leak detector with
no positive indications.  Any hints on it's proper 

Thanks in advance to the net at large for any assistance.

paul timmerman 

(gruby of nail, weak of back, but determined to break 10.0 by sunday)