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More Audi Financial News

     I thought this might be of interest:
     Audi profits triple in 1995 with the A4 model
     April 17, 1996, 2:17 PM EDT
     MUNICH, Germany (Reuter) - Audi AG, the luxury car arm of Volkswagen 
     AG, said Wednesday its pretax profits tripled in 1995 to 589 million 
     German marks ($391 million) and that sales began well this year.
     Audi's A4 model, which has emerged as a clear threat to competing BMW 
     and Mercedes models, was the major reason for the gains as 1995 
     production climbed 32.2 percent to 289,778 cars.
     The company's after-tax profit also soared to 111 million marks ($73.6 
     million) from 22 million marks ($14.6 million) a year earlier. VW had 
     had already reported that Audi's 1995 sales were up 23.9 percent to 
     16.7 billion marks ($11.1 billion).
     Audi sales in the first quarter of the year likewise posted impressive 
     gains, climbing 20.5 percent from the same quarter a year ago to 4.7 
     billion marks ($3.1 billion).
     Chairman Herbert Demel said that despite the quick start, Audi was 
     aiming for more moderate yearly sales growth of around 5 percent for 
     all of 1996.
     ``In 1996 we want to grow faster than the market and have a result at 
     least as high as 1995,'' he said.
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