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Re: unintended flames

At 02:46 PM 4/19/96 CST, Todd Candey wrote:

>     On another note, take a look at the pedal spacing in the 5ks cars. I 
>     think that it would be real easy to mash the gas pedal to the floor 
>     thinking it was the brake, but then again, I do know how to drive the 
>     car.

or perhaps it is simply that you're executing a proper heel-and-toe
downshift :)  (yes, can be done with a slush)

seriously, some years back, R&T (?) did an analysis on UI, and one of their
analysis points was the pedal spacing.  don't recall the specific #, but
they found the distance between the pedals on a 5ks slush vs. a puick (tm)
vs. the average of most cars in america was negligible.  there was a more
significant difference in pedal heights, but so...?

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