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No Subject

First of all, I would like to thank you for your reply to my previous
message, even though it was ridiculously simple. It was, in effect, 
nothing more than the dimmer switch.
I would like to ask you about a different problem, however. My car is 
an Audi 100 with a 2.5 liter turbo diesel that some time ago broke the
timng belt and thus bent some of the valves. This has been fixed. 
The problem I now have is that when I accelerate slowly (at highway speeds)
sometimes the motor lacks power, possibly the turbo isn't kicking in.
When this happens I disengage the clutch, let the RPM's drop to 1000 and
then floor the accelerator and this usually causes the power to return.
I was told by the dealer's mechanic that this problem could be caused by a 
clogged fuel filter. So, I changed it but the problem continues. Perhaps, 
you can tell me if you can think of some other cause for this problem.
This time I have had this letter translated from spanish so there would be 
no problems with understanding the text.
Thank you very much, and please recieve my warmest salutation.

Andres Fernandez
San Sebastian -Spain 
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