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Ignition wires

I recently began working with a guy whose weekend job is at a company called
FastForce.  They make ignition wires that have a rating of 75 ohms per ft.
and claim that it will increase horsepower up to 10% and fuel economy up to
20%.  He says that it is a copper core wire as opposed to stock carbon core
wire which have up to 4500 ohms per foot.  These wires are specially shielded
to protect engine components and radio whine.  You can find an ad for them in
almost any car mag.  I found one in May '96 Automobile, page 64.  Anyone have
any experience with these wires?  What type of wires come standard on Audis?
 Specifically for the 2.8 V6?  These babies are around $300 for a set, have a
30 day money back guarantee, but no guarantee on damage to your car.

Also, we took a little ski trip to Park City, Ut last weekend and saw tons of
Quattros.  Specifically, 3 S6, about a dozen 100 q's, numerous 90 q's and a
few 4000 q's with mods.  Anyone on the list from this area?  I don't see much
activity on this list from Utah, but quattros seem to be more abundant there
than much of the rest of the country. Saw a lot of used q's in the Salt Lake

Curtis Bryan
'93 90 csq