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Wipers for 1990 Coupe.

Hi everyone.

Well this was maintenance weekend for my Audi.  I am trying to replace my
Bosch wipers as I find myself replacing them every few months.  Someone in
the group mentioned Tridon (??).  I looked at them and there are plastic and
not metal.  Are these the right ones?  Does anyone have any other
alternatives?  I am going to replace them next weekend.

I had to replace three bulbs on the third brake light (on top of the
hatchback).  My parts store sold me the "identical" bulb but ever so slightly
smaller diameter by OSRAM.  There are not as bright as the originals in
there.  Any recommendations on this??

I would love for someone to fax or mail or email me instructions to get to
the 3 gauges next to the ashtray.  I need to replace a bulb in there.  I know
it is very hard to do but need to do it nonetheless.

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but when I got 'em I seem to get them big
time. :-)


1990 Coupe Quattro