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Hey all,

	I need some serious help here...

	Last week we had some pretty bad rain up here in New Hampshire.  
Well come to find out, I have a leak and rain water leaked into the car 
and behind the dash.  Not knowing any of this, on Tuesdays I got into the 
car early in the morning and tried to start it.  Nothing!  The car had no 
power at all, nada, zip, ziltch.  Not wanting to fool with it 10 minutes 
before a class I left it and walked to class.  Then, later in the day I 
had a friend come down and try to jump me.  We hooked everything up right 
but got nothing.  My car was not taking any power.  Chris says, "Wait, we 
must not have a godd connection."  He fooled with the wires and suddenly 
everything came on in the car (clock, dash lights, EVERYTHING!).  The 
only problem was that I did not have the key in the ignition.  Chris 
says, "Well, we got everything running, try to turn it over."  I try to 
turn it over and it goes dead again, not even power to the clock.  I have 
the car towed to a shop (the sh** I took from my roommates, ie. 
European car, etc.).  The mechanic find water in the dash.  The wires 
were floating in water!  Well, everything has been dried and tested and 
still a dead quattro.  
	Please, if you have any suggestions AT ALL, please e-mail me.  
Also, if the fix can not be determined, or is too much money (for me, 
I've put way too much money into this car) I will be selling it.  any one 
interested (Fuchs, 110k, & almost perfect except for the reason it is dead.

	Please I need help,