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RE: Dead Battery

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Duff, Ian wrote:

> Shouldn't be the battery. When we store marine batteries for the winter,
> completely detached from the boat's wiring, they retain most all of their
> charge.

Dont forget, Marine batteries are deep cycle, and more tolerant.

> >the air conditioner. I would simply run the car for a few minutes and then
> >shut it off. I last started the car about a month ago and now find that the
> >battery is almost dead. There's still a little juice left but not enough to

Starting the car and running it for only a few minutes isnt good for the 
car or the battery. It takes about 20 minutes of driving for a battery to 
fully recover from a start.  
If you are only running the car at idle, and warming it up that way, 
thats pretty bad for the car as well. You're better off not starting it 
at all.

When I store cars for the winter, I have the battery charger on a timer 
so every day, or every other day it gives it 2 amps charge for about 20 
minutes to half an hour. In the spring they are perfect.


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