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Re: Is there such a thing as good fuel or bad fuel?

On Apr 22,  4:12pm, Avinash Chopde wrote:

> After replacing too many fuel pumps on my old VW and now Audi,
> I'm curious --- is there any prevention possible for the
> fuel-pump failures on these German cars????
> One mechanic told me -- avoid Mobil high-octane fuels.
> (According to him, Mobil makes high-octane differently from
> others, and that can cause pumps to fail.)

I'd be particularly interested in hearing more about this,
as I pretty much use Mobil Super exclusively.

> Another told me -- all gas is ok, but don't let the tank fall
> below 1/4 full.

This is advice that makes sense, as you'll reduce the amount
of condensation in your tank that way (and whatever water gets
into your fuel will be  further diluted).

-dan masi