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Re: Synthetic Oil, Conti CZ91

   >recommended using Mobil synth instead of RedLine. Their experience
   >(empirical, not bench racing like some of us do) was that RedLine makes
   >shifting "notchy", but is otherwise fine, if perhaps expensive, and Mobil's
   >synth would be a fine, cheaper, replacement. Who has an opinion based on
   >firsthand (or thereabouts!) experience that they would like to share here?

   I have used (and am using) Mobil 1 75W-90 in my tranny and like it well, no
   notchiness at all.  It's an '87 5kSQ 5 speed.

I had RedLine put in my '83 UrQ. The shifting noticeably improved (was
easier). Not "notchier" at all. In fact, I am at a complete loss as to
how "notchiness" can be changed at all by the lubricant. Is it better
or worse than Mobil? Dunno. I do run Mobil 1 oil though . . . or used to
until recently when my mechanic switched to Castrol Syntec. . .