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Ur-Q MMs ? (again)

OK. Here is the poop: I've tried PAP, Shokan, dealers, etc, and no one has ever seen or heard of these new-style MMs that I have for the Ur-Q. They look just like the trans mounts but are about 2x the size. Someone here verified the P/Ns were correct for L & R, so someone on the list knows about these )*&%$#'n things. They require a different HW kit to install them because they use a bolt that comes up from below, a large 'washer' type thing to limit the travel of the mount, called a 'stop' for the trans mounts and also a heat shield for the turbo side mount where the orig MMs were sealed and just had a bolt poking out of the top. No one has ever heard of these new mounts and no one can supply the correct HW kits to install them!

Has anyone dealt with this problem? What HW kits to use? P/Ns? Are these suckers possibly NOT the correct engine mounts for the Ur-Q?