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Re: Brake Light Switch

> Has anyone ever had to work on the brake light switch?

	First thing I had to fix on my '87 5kcstq.  The switch is located on top 
of the brake pedal, you may need to remove the lower shelf to see/get to it. 
There are two switched on the brake pedal, one is the brake light, the other is 
the cruise.  The cruise control switch has the vacuum line attached.

	Easy fix, took me less than 30 mins.  I was able to get another switch 
from my parts car, so I have no idea on pricing.  Just make sure you adjust the 
switch correctly so the lights come on just when you hit the pedal.

Paul Luevano						'94 CBR 600F2
prl@ptc.com						'87 5KCSTQ
Waltham, MA USA						'86 5KCST
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