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Re: how do I save a car from being t

> Make sure that SF is aware of the real market value of the car.  I seem to
> recall Jeff (audidudi) recently had to deal with this same issue and used
> the quattro list to help justify the local value of his car ...

Actually, I made a point that thanks to my membership in the QCUSA, etc. and
my subscription to the Quattro list, the potential market was *national* and
not just the local Phoenix area ... I also sent them a four-page list of all
the mods that had been made to my car and enclosed copies of the receipts to
prove I'd spent what I claimed.  It took almost 6 weeks to settle but in the
end I got what I believe was a fair price for it (even if it did also mean I
paid more for the salvage as a result).

As far as the salvage issue is concerned, here in Arizona, state law says if
the insurance company declares the car to be totalled, then it's totalled --
period.  The only way to prevent this from happening is to not file a claim,
which is kind of counter-productive, or convince them the value of the car's
high enough to justify repairing it instead, which might be difficult if not
impossible with most run-of-the-mill Audis.

IMHO, laws like this suck.  It's one thing to protect the public by keeping
an unsafe car off the road but quite another to burden a car with a salvage
title because some profit-mongering insurance company deemed minor cosmetic
damage uneconomical to fix.  And what about theft recovery cars?  I've seen
several that are in PERFECT condition yet they're tagged as salvage because
some insurance company has already paid a claim against them!   :^(

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