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BARGAIN: '91 200TQ!

     Hello fellow Audi nutz!

          I was just talking to a friend of mine tongight who just got back fro
m a weekend in California.  While there he saw a '91 200TQ 20V in the local Aut
o Trader and decided to go check it out.  He met the owner and drove the car, a
nd he was real impressed.  BTW, the guy who told me about it used to be a quatt
ro list member and is a member of QCUSA.  He also told me that he would have bo
ught the car himself had he not just sunk so much money into his car.  Anyways,
I thought y'all might be interested.  This car is also at a VERY reasonable pri
ce!  Here's the description:

           1991 Audi 200TQ 20V

           Black/tan leather, 75K mi, Bose, CD, VA phone, ABS, airbag, BBS rims
           heated seats, etc....the list goes on, but y'all know about these

           The car is in perfect condition with two exceptions:
           1. has one cracked headlamp
           2. has one small ding in the left rear quarter panel (nickel size)

           Chad told me that the car's paint is jet black (not metallic) and is
in very nice shape.  No dings or scratches except the one previously mentioned.
He also told me that the interior is in excellent shape, and the car drove grea
t and was extremely solid and quick.  The guy selling it is the origonal owner
and bought it for $45,000!  It is also a true "California" car.

           Asking price: $13,500.

           I don't have the guy's number but if any of you are interested, give
Chad Clark a call.  he would be more than happy to tell you about it and give y
ou the seller's number.

           Chad's number is : (719) 527-4941