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RE: quattro-digest V3 #382

Check out Fred's Driveaxles... Following is from an earlier post.

>They are on Dan's audi parts vendor list
>their address is   www.axlenet.com
>All rebuilt Audi driveaxles are $107  (even V8 !)
>It seemed like a good rebuild to me, and so far no problems,
>also they have lifetime warrantee on the rebuilt axles.
>Scott McPherson, Syracuse, NY
>1986 5kcs

>From: 	Robert Bauer[SMTP:102263.2714@CompuServe.COM]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, April 24, 1996 1:57 AM
>To: 	Paul Lewandowski
>Cc: 	Quattro List
>Subject: 	quattro-digest V3 #382
>>I'm having a problem with an odd noise coming from the vehicle while its
>>driven.  The sound is similar to that of when you stick something in the 
>>spokes of a bicycle.  There's a constact ticking or tacking while the car
>>being driven.  As I increase the speed of the car, the ticks per
>>also increase. Drivability isn't affected, but my conern is that maybe
>>time the noise will lead to something catastrophic.  The car has 38,000
>>on it.
>How much backlash do you get when you let off the throttle.  Check the
>shaft C/V joints (most likely the front).  It is not a common problem but
>joint could be bad.   Check to make sure that when you turn the drive shaft
>joint has no play in it.  Crawl under the car and turn the shaft by hand. 
>have a bad joint on my '88 80q and it can be fixed for ~$250. Anderson
>Bros. is
>going to do mine.   AoA sells the whole shaft for ~$900.  Like I said it's
>common but something to check.  Hope this helps.
>Robert Bauer
>'88 80q