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More on Car Totalling, Coupe Digital Dash

Car Totalling:
I have had a similar experience.  I wrecked a car which the insurance company
wanted to total.  I had made many improvements which were not reflected in
blue book.  I researched the classifieds and found a couple ads for similar
cars with similar improvements and corresponding asking prices.  I submitted
these ads and all the receipts for my car's improvements as proof of its
worth and the insurance company then paid to repair the car instead of
totalling it.

This was in 1980 but I would think the same approach is worth trying today.
 The insurance company was USAA, the car a '70 Datsun 510. (My high school

Coupe GT Digital Dash:
Kevin Kraus wrote about his digital dash and the shy outboard panels.  This
is actually a feature of the dash, kind of like a stealth mode.  Press the
dimmer knob on the lower left wing of the dash and the outboard panels should
reappear.  To repeat the disappearing act, push and hold the dimmer knob.
 The outboard panels should go away first.  Holding the button longer causes
the clock to also disappear (I think).

Hey everybody, how rare an option were the Fuchs wheels on the 5KCSTQ's?
Were they always painted body color?  Or just on the pearl white cars?
Will a wider wheel fit without clearance problems?

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA

87 CGT 2.3