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Re: why no S6's in MASS

 Robert D. Russell wrote:
>         A friend of mine asked me to enquire about the S6 avant. I went over
> to the dealer in west springfield ma. and talked to my friend Roland (the
> audi god)
> quite possibly one of the best audi techs in new england. Suprised when he
> said he never had seen any come through the dealership. He said they(S6)
> were not sold in  MA. does any one know why?

The S6 (sedan and avant) was(is?) sold in MA. 
I ought to know, I bought an S6 avant from Pass & Weisz in Burlington.
Initially the S6 models were not sold in MA because AoA thought that
the new MA emissions regulations wouldn't allow it. They then discovered
(around July/August 1995) that the S6 was legal in MA and the cars
began to come into the dealers. Some got a few (eg. P&W had 2 or 3 total),
some got a lot (eg. Park Audi in Lawrence received 6 sedans and 6 avants 
in December/January, and some got none (eg. Clair Audi "no, we don't sell
them, no-ones interested").
There are probably few or no new S6s around now. This was a 1995 only
model and production has finished.

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