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Re: digital dash out on GT

In a message dated 96-04-23 22:27:51 EDT, you write:


Hey Kevin, not to worry, you've only tripped the "blackout" feature on the
dash.  you can turn out all the dash except speedo, clock and odo by pressing
one of the dash buttons, I forgot which one, I sold my 87 GT over a year ago.
 neat feature, but dash is awful...it will go on the fritz before to long,
and it costs over $1000!  My friend still has his 87, and a spare dig dash if
you need one.  Sorry I can't remember exactly how to turn your dash back on,
but if no one on the list can help you, e-mail me and I can find out from my

Christian Long
Orlando, FL
1990 90
1990 Coupe Q