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Re: Headrest removal & replacement

> >Does anyone know how to remove headrests?  I have an A6Q, and the
> >front headrests are positioned in such a way as to be fairly
> >useless. I was thinking of trading the front headrests with the
> >rear, since the rear have angled posts which, when installed on the
> >front seats, should position the headrest far enough forward to be
> >useful.
> In most
> other cars, the head "restraints" are useless, since they only go up
> to the back of the neck (which would tend to increase the whiplash
> effect!!). In Audis (and most German cars), they are just perfect.
> (And if they intended them to be pillowy soft cushions to rest our
> skulls on, they'd have made them that way.... for comfort, not
> safety!!)
> So, if I were you, I wouldn't change a thing. Those wonderful,
> crafty Germans have engineered it this way for your protection.
I agree, i never really like the way the head rest(raints) were on my 
mom' 86 5000S but when I got out of the car after a 40 mph collision 
and 6 people total were in the car and not so much as a back ache I 
would have to say the Germans have it all figured out.
-Rich Andrews

83 5000t
84 Coupe GT
84 5000S
85 5000S
86 5000S
88 90
90 200T