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fi cooling blower

Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: fi cooling blower                                                      
a week or so ago, there was some discussion concerning the fi blower.           
for those who are interested, i have a few details to add.                      
the primary purpose of this blower is to cool the injectors to prevent          
hot start problems.  at some point, parts were added to this subsystem          
so that it would also function to prevent engine compartment fires.             
apparently under some circumstances (maybe high ambient temp, hot engine,       
leaky injectors, moon in the 7th house) the 5KT's would burn themselves to      
the ground.  i've been told that an audi program was in place to retrofit       
these parts to mid 80's turbos.  i'm not sure exactly when, but this became     
standard, as i've seen an 87 or 88 Tq with the parts and the guy got it that    
way new.  (also not sure if this program was a recall or "ask and ye shall      
receive")  the reason i'm hazy on the timing details is that my 86TqW is a      
direct import, so the engine has similarities to the 85 & 86 american           
turbo motors and maybe the stuff was fitted only to the (is it MC?) 86-         
motor.  (or maybe it was fitted only to the (american) exports.)                
here's how to tell if you have "the parts".  my engine only has the             
"black octopus" shroud laying on the valve cover.  there is a quarter-          
sized hole on top of the shroud.  if you have "the parts", this hole meets      
up with an additional shroud attached to the hood that works its way over       
toward the fuel distributor.  there may be additional shrouding attached        
to the f.d. or the fuel lines (don't remember), but you'll definitely           
notice the thing on the hood.                                                   
please e me if you know the details of "the program" since i'd like to          
let audi pay for the retrofit if possible...