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Coupe Q Stereo upgrades

Hi all,

I recieved the Bentley for the '88-'91 90s and coupes.... No electricals! I could have dealt with that, but 
it also has almost no mention of radio equipment and locations.

I am going to completely gut the system and put my own in, but I'm going to do it in pieces, head 
unit/changer first, speakers and amps later. I have no idea how to access the speakers in the dash or 
rear panels. Also, what and where are the amps in this car from the factory?

One more, the qonwer's manual stated the radio frequency can be displayed in the autocheck box, but 
Bentley makes no mention of that. Is this possible, I know I'd have to do it manually, as no replacement 
head will have any kind of output, but it would be fun to play with...

TIA for any help...