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re: 2-piece exh

Well, it's all still a work in progress! I just got the KUQEFH (Killer =
Ur Quattro Engine From Hell) back from the machine shop and the old =
engine is now pulled. I'm now working all the little details, degreasing =
and parts hunting needed to put the KUQEFH into the car. This engine is =
getting the 2-piece exh. It is the Audi OEM 2-piece replacement for the =
OEM 1-piece on the Ur-Q and turbo 5000/200. It bolts right to the head =
as does the stock piece. I think some very minor work was done to make =
it clear the Ur-Q intake manifold - VERY MINOR. No changes whatsoever =
with respect to the down-stream connection - the turbo bolts right on =
exactly the same as with the 1-piece exh. I'll know more when I get it =
all together over the next few weeks. Lack of time is a real factor in =
getting the job done - I have a family and work at a startup company and =
commute 150 mi and 2.5 hours per day on top of a 10.5 hour day in the =
office - every day! Right now I'm struggling with gittin the race car =
ready for Saturday at NHIS - so the KUQEFH project is languishing for =


Just looking at the 2-piece and the size and shape of the ports it is =
obvious that this piece is a vastly superior flower and should also =
address the cracking problem. Flow bench testing shows that the 2-piece =
WAY outflows the capability of the head - even before the 2-piece was =
ported & polished!



From: 	Richard Davis[SMTP:cngnyec@pipeline.com]
Sent: 	Wednesday, April 24, 1996 5:00 PM
To: 	Glen Powell
Subject: 	Exhaust mods

  A while back you mentioned putting a later model exh. ( 2 piece?)
manifold on your TQC.  Which one did you use, did it bolt right up to =
engine and was any mods necessary to mate with turbo and downstream
exhaust?  Did you do any work to it or just put it on?=20
Thanks for the info.=20