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Re: Help: strange noise

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Greg Christie wrote:
> On Apr 25,  2:31pm, Mike wrote:
> > My 89 Audi 100 is making a strange noise when in "drive".  It makes a
> > "click click click" sound like a playing card stuck in a bicycle wheel.
> Funny. I have noticed a smiliar noise in my 1994 Audi 80 and a previous '87 VW
> Caravalle. Both cars were manuals. I could only notice the noise when moving
> close to a solid object (I guess the sound bounced). Never found out what it
> was, never seemed to matter either. I assummed in the end it was only there
> when the wheels were rotating. Maybe a slight imperfection in a disk?
> Greg
Mine is an automatic.  I should try shifting to neutral while in motion.  
But I agree, the sound has to bounce to be heard.  The other guy who 
asked this question got responses like "brake cable touching 
driveshaft".  I guess it could be something serious, like the 
differential.  Any other serious things that could cause this?