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Re[2]: A4 Quattro

     I thought this would raise some eyebrows.  I think in the majority(not 
     all) of cases the parts and labor of audi dealers are higher than most 
     of the Japanese dealers.  There are some japanese parts that are 
     higher.  A mitsu steering box costs $1200.  Much more than an Audi 
     I did generalize a bit on what audi drivers want.  The people I know 
     with audis and I want higher levels of performance and workmanship.  
     As far as Audis being better consider this.  How many screws and or 
     caps do you see exposed inside your audi.  How solid does the door 
     feel when you shut it.  How well are wires tied.  If you are in a 
     dangerous situation and need to avoid an accident or take the path of 
     least resistance, which car would you rather be in?
     Don't get me wrong, I am not anti japanese.  I believe in a global 
     economy(no political discussions please).  I think they make good 
     autos.  But the majority of them seem to be built for the masses.
     No offense, but I see so many miatas with hard tops(even in warm 
     weather), that I wonder why people buy them.  I own a convertable and 
     the last time I put the soft-top up was when I could not drive fast 
     enough in the rain to keep it from coming in the cockpit.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: A4 Quattro
Author:  erict@cta.com (Eric Thorstenson) at Internet
Date:    4/25/96 11:10 AM

Tim said:
     3.  What upsets people is the cost of repairing Audis.  Definately 
     higher than Japanese autos.
     4.  People who drive Audis demand a higher level of performance and 
     workmanship.  Obviously better than japanese autos.
Re item 3: Not necessarily true. Cost of parts for timing belt job 
on my Miata was roughly double that of the cost of parts for the 
same job on my 5kS (including water pump on the Audi!)
Re item 4: This is a vast, unsubstantiated generalization, both in
terms of the drivers and the cars. 'Nuff said. (don't want to get riled...)
Eric T.     '86 5kS