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RE: Turbo Boost Question? #2

VDO makes a nice 0-30 PSI guage that matches the look and style of the OEM VDO Audi guages very nicely. It is the 'Cockpit Series' of VDO guages. You kin even git little red booties to go over the lights to git the 'factory red look'. VDO also has a very nice EGT guage in the 'Cockpit Series' that goes up to 1600 F full-scale and has great resolution - it's a 'full-sweep' type guage movement - not just a > 90 degree movement like some others. Very nice. Someone here told me about it and I picked one up. Thanks whoever you are!

First parts to fail if boost is too high not in any particular order:

head gasket (blowed-up/leak$)
pistons (hole$ in top$)
rings - broken/$hattered
rod bearings (pounded from detonation and eventually will $pin)
intercooler (blowed-up)
various induction system hoses (bur$ted)

You really need serious levels of overboost, and/or serious detonation and/or a lean condition to do any real damage - these I-5s are STOUT!