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Re: AC

>Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 22:19:14 -0400
>From:brettd@tiac.net (Brett Dikeman)
>Subject:Re: AC
>>Frank J. Bauer
>>dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com
>>Subject: AC
>> > Is the air conditioning on the '87 4Q always inadequate despite new
>> > refrigerant, etc?
>>listen to "Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart", but i would add that in my
>>with my 85 4KSq, the a/c system is marginally adequate, needing the
>>air from highway speeds to work efficiently.  with the hot weather we've
>>having lately in so cal your cooling ducts (quack) need time to cool
>>they provide cool air to the passenger compartment.  you can wait a long
>>time in stop-and-go for this to happen.  i'd say test it at night and if
>>is no significant cooling after 10-15 minutes at highway speeds, you've
>>got a problem.  now that heater is a different story - it'll chase you
>>out of
>>the car in 10 minutes at freezing temps!
>Figures for cars that are designed heavily with places like Canada,
>Iceland, Germany(of course!:), and norther europe in mind-what good's Q if
>you freeze your butt off along the way? :-)
>On a related note, how does one go about yanking an A/C compressor?  I'm
>not going to want to let the coolant escape, and I'm not going to put in a
>rechaging tap to fill it myself.  Is the best bet getting an audi-type
>mechanic to disconnect it/pull it out of ther car?
>This is so that I can dissect the compressor+find out what the heck went
>wrong... I might even be able to get it working half decently...I suspect
>that I'll be looking around for a set of bearings, so if anyone knows of a
>place that has a fair variety of bearings+casings-I have a feeling that
>I'll find a casing that has an inside track shaped like a O...
>BTW, our whole family has noted how pathetic the A/C is when the car's
>still...I was thinking that maybe some type of box fan is in order to help
>it along?  Hmm..guess not-at highway speeds the fan would commit suicide
>(speaking of bearings, funny thing...)


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