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5kS PS leaks

Hi everyone,

Sorry to resurrect this old subject, but....

First, my neighbor has a 1981 5000S 5-spd that has the nasty habit of
requiring a ps fluid fill-up twice-a-week (usually gets done
once-a-week... ;-/ )  When I took a look at it, appeared like it was losing
it from the center of the rack.  I noticed in the (Haynes) manual that
auto trans fluid is specified for the steering-rack... I know she's been
using regular ps fluid... would this hurt?  Too late now, so the question
is, what does a rack cost for this era of 5kS?  How much would the labor
be?  Is repair to the rack possible / reliable / cost effective, or will
it likely need to be replaced? 

On a similar note, our '86 5000S 5-spd has generally sipped its Pentosin, 
going through just over a litre in 18 months.  Today, however, I 
discovered it decided to take a nice gulp (over 1/3 of distance between 
add/full mark in approx. 1 week).  Nutz....  Although it appears to have 
leaks in a number of indeterminate places, a new leak has developed 
around the right edge (viewed from front of car) of rack boot on driver's 
side.  The inner CV boot is coated with hydraulic oil, apparently from 
this leak.  Same questions from the '81 apply here.

Looks like this is the original rack, as the thorough service receipts 
from the previous (original) owner do not indicate a replacement, or any 
work on it, for that matter.  I guess ~130k mi / 10+ yrs isn't too bad.  
So what'll it take ($$$) for another ~100k mi ?

Somebody must have these figures memorized ;-)

TIA, Karl K.

Mesa, Arizona
'86 5000 S  129k mi
'79 Fox  143k mi