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Regarding the two recent posts on strange noises:

> On Apr 25,  2:31pm, Mike wrote:
> > My 89 Audi 100 is making a strange noise when in "drive".  It makes a
> > "click click click" sound like a playing card stuck in a bicycle wheel.

Items to check, from my experience:

    a)  Is there a large rock stuck in the tread?  Jack up each wheel and
rotate the 
        tire to see if anything is stuck in the tread.  I have had large
rocks that have
        REFUSED to be dislodged without help.

    b)  Somebody mentioned the driveshaft rubbing on the heat shield.  I also
had the 
         experience of  having a pipe hanger stretch (rubber donut) to the
point that the
         rear exhaust pipe was rubbing on the driveshaft; the noise was mild
         that I thought it was car age; I didn't recognize the problem until
I had a hole
         in the pipe.

     c) This wasn't a "bicycle spoke" squeal, but a moderate groan most
noticeable at
         low speed.  During the winter, with all the salt, cinders, and
gravel used on 
         the roads, I had dirt build up between the front brake rotor and the
heat/ dirt
         shield, which was jammed in hard enough I had to use a screwdriver
         dislodge it.

2) RE: the underdash click

First place I recommend is to check the seat heater controls; does the
vary as you change the dial setting?  You can hear the seat heater relays
click on
and off while driving, but frequency is on order of 15 sec. to several
depending on setting.  If this changes the response, don't know what to check
(sounds like a dealer problem to me).

If you DON'T have heated seats; do you notice an engine power change whenever
the relay clicks?  It could be the compressor kicking on & off.  Turn off the
control & see if you still have the problem. If that stops it, bring it back
to the dealer.

 Good luck; hope y'uns (Pittsburgh colloquialism) have success with your


1990 Coupe Quattro with 102,000 miles (original engine, tranny, and clutch!)