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1991 200 TQ Trim Levels/Colors

I am still on my search to find a replacement for the 87 5KSQ with a 91 200 TQ.

What colors did they come in and what color interiors did they come with?

This is what I have found so far:

Red, black, pearl, blue, others?

Grey, grey and more grey. Did any of these cars come with black interiors? I
love the Audis with black leather.

Was a owners list ever put together for the 91 200 TQ's? If so, could you post
it order send me a copy.  Thanks.

P.S. Yesterday I was Valenti Audi in Middlebury, CT and there was a very cooool
Audi 90 20V there. It had aftermarket alloys (made the car look better, not
worse), was pearl in color with black leather interior. It had 47K on the clock
and was in better shape than most cars on the showroom floor!

If you're on the list, nice car! I got around to buying my brake light switch,
$20! They are crooks at those dealers.

Paul Waterloo

'87 5KSQ