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A4 Quattro

Mr. Patel,

I am a three month A4 Quattro owner.  Prior to the A4, I had a 1986 4000
CS Quattro.  The 4kCSQ had 175k miles on the original engine and clutch
when another driver totaled it for me (he said in court that he saw me in
the turn lane "kinda far a way", but hit me anyway - that's another story).

I have 4000 miles on the A4 and have been very pleased.  No mechanical
problems.  No electrical problems.  


Not quite as "ready to race", "tossable",... as my 4k was.  Don't
misunderstand, the limits are higher, but it is less Sporty.  I think the
higher ride and softer shocks are a lot of the blame.  I plan to fix that
in the future with the factory (or aftermarket) sportier setup.

Quiet, SMOOTH, Stable (my father drove a 4cyl A4 in Germany at 120mph and
called it "anchored."   I was driving in South Alabama (known to locals as
L.A. (lower Alabama) at 90~95 (typical speeds on I65 south of Montgomery)
and decided to see what 115 was like.  Felt the same except the trees
moved faster.

I would have loved to have the 192 bhp engine that will replace the 172
bhp engine as of November or so.

I miss the 400~500 mile range of my 4k.  The A4 has a 16 gallon tank and
gets ~26 on the highway.  My 4k had an 18 gallon tank and got ~30 on the


Eric Schumacher