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Bad News

Well, my friends, at the moment I an Audiless.  :-(  

This morning on the way to work I topped a steep hill following behind two
other vehicles.  Just over the crest of the hill was a dog which had been
hit.  There were several people on foot in the road.  The vehicle in front
slammed on the brakes (wet rain-slick two lane highway) and stopped before
he hit a pedestrian.  The Nissan pick-up in front of me reacted and started
to stop also.  My vision ahead was blocked by the pick-up and I was slow to
react.  Reacting as I normally would (with functioning ABS - mine wasn't
[parts are here but time to put 'em in wasn't]) I stood on the brake pedal
and locked it up completely.  A deep ditch on the right and pedestrians on
the left and nowhere else to go.  So...  Grill, headlights, both front
fenders, hood, intercooler are all gone.  Other damage remains to be
discovered.  The Nissan had a damaged bumper and was able to drive away.

At least he wasn't hostile over being hit from behind.  The deputy was
pleasant.  No citation.  Thank you, Occifer.  :-)

Oh well...

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