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Re: new 2 me 90q, questions

I have yet to fiddle with my suspension.  I have upgraded from the stock 
14" x 6" wheels to a 15" x 7" ATS wheel.  The latter has 205/50-15 rubber.
With regards to the brakes, are the G60 calipers the dual piston type 
similar to the 5000TQ.  I am planning on putting the dual piston calipers 
off of 
a 87' 5000TQ on my car and it would be easy to use the larger 10.9" rotor 
off of the 90Q 20v.  By using these rotors you don't have to change the 
carriers because they are already the 4-bolt pattern.  The rotors off of 
the 1990-91 coupe will 
not work.  The hat of the rotor is 3/8 of an inch taller than the 90 20v.
I cannot see why the ABS would be affected because the sensor reads the 
teeth off of the input side of the drive shaft and has nothing to do with 
the rotor itself.  
I will keep you posted on the upgrade which should take place sometime 
next week.

Brendan Rudack
88' 90Q		rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU 88' 90Q
Boulder, Colorado 

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Todd Candey wrote:

>      Hi again, while I've been dealing with the ins co's on the damage to 
>      my 85 4ksq, I went and bought an 89 90q.
>      It's pearl with gray leather, 14" BBS rims and has 40k miles.
>      This car is perfect in every (factory) way.
>      The questions I have are related to the suspension and the brakes and 
>      wheel/tire combos.
>      Has anybody out ther done any suspension upgrades? What about 
>      wheel/tire upgrades, what's the "hot set-up" is it possible to go 
>      something like 16x7 with 215 50 16? or perhaps larger?
>      Also, I know that the girling g60 calipers and the larger rotors from 
>      the ur-q are a bolt on, provided you have the carrier. But what affect 
>      could that have on the ABS?
>      Thanks, 
>      Todd Candey           85 4ksq   (being repaired)
>      USRobotics            89 90q    (our new toy)
>      Skokie, IL USA