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Re: Silicone on seals, Climate control...

In a message dated 96-04-27 07:23:50 EDT, Jim Griffin (JGriff@pobox.com)

>Fellow Audiphile:
>Two questions:
>1. Any special brand or type of silicone spray that you prefer or have had
>good luck with?

Well, I had ordered some from Blaufergnugen, but his stuff has taken longer
than a week to get to me. Apparently, he buys it in bulk and repackages it. 

The silicone spray that I ended up using (as it was in my cupboard, and I
really wanted to do the seals) is basically generic - "Siloo" - is the brand
name and comes in a 12-16oz aerosol type can.

>2. I also have ordered from Griot's Garage, and like their stuff, but I have
>not yet tried the clay. I assume you recommend it? Is it easy to work with?
>And you are happy with the results? Any thoughts on Griot's wax? They seem
>to be pushing their "Best of  Show" wax quite a bit. I am a bit
>reluctant.... you know... no name brand etc....
>Have you tried that at all? I have used Zymol liquid, and it is good. But I
>am always game to try something new, if it is better. (Prior to trying the
>Zymol, I, too only used Meguires stuff....)

The clay is relatively easy to work with, and you also have to buy a liquid
called Fast Shine, which you have to use to lubricate the clay, plus I had to
buy a spray pump for it, and when I mounted it on the bottle, the spray pump
wouldn't even work!! I then used the spray pump from the Porsche wheel
cleaning liquid, after rinsing it out. The clay did seem to work, taking off
gasoline stains on the paint, and you could see some dirt coming off on the
clay - although it could be the result of the Fast Shine too!

Their "free sample" was a very small amount of wax in a small packet, and I
couldn't really tell whether it was any good! I'm going to call them and let
them know what I think! Plus, the printing on the packet would come off and
get in the wax when I was applying it...

>Well, sorry, that was more than two questions, really, but thanks in advance
>for any feedback.

No problem.

>P.S. I have unsubscribed temporarily, so any response would have to be
>direct. Thanks!!

I'm posting this to the list just so that anyone inquiring about the silicone
can get my info! Plus, Dan Hussey inquired as well...

Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
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