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FS: 1981 Audi 5+5 (the 2-door)

I thought I would post this here because I want this car to go to
Audi-lover. Here the jest of it;

1981 Audi 5+5
~5 cyl
~5 speed
~two door
~no moonroof
~body is straight but some surface rust--no rust-thru areas
~faded silver paint with primer here and there
~new 60K tires
~extra seats 
~158k miles
~runs strong, but burns some oil
~best offer(I got maybe +/- $1000 in it)

I guess it would make a good project car...or use it like I did, a
school-work car. Please respond directly to me via e-mail, I'm not on the
list. Audidudi was looking for one of these last year, you still looking?!?!

Thanks all. BTW, I miss the list.