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Re: California Screaming

>In a message dated 96-04-26 08:33:51 EDT, samm@asysa.demon.co.uk (Sam Massey)
>>>I sympathize with Rob, but I drive 100 miles a day, and it is outrageously
>>expensive.  The cheapest gas I have found in LA is $1.45 87 self serve and
>>up to $2.50 a gallon for premium full serve.
>>Theres no sympathy coming from my direction, at the equivalent of ~$4.00
>>here, you lot are practically running on fresh air!!
>Well put, Sam! We here in the States enjoy the cheapest petrol this side of
>Venezuela, rejoice! Is Australia still at .66$A per litre?

Sure is
66-86c/ litre depending where you are. Have seen over 90c in ski resort! My
favorite airfield is 82c for 110/105 avgas which aint so bad.

John Firkins Qld Australia