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Re: Tire and Wheel Questions

At 05:52 PM 4/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On my '86 4KCSQ I'm wondering if I can change the multi spoked 14x6 stock
>wheels to something bigger, maybe 15x7's and if it would require any mods to
>the suspension.  Also what would be a good tire to go with the combo, I'd
>like to get performance tires with a good rain/snow feel.  TIA guys!

I went to 15 x 7 wheels on my '85 4ksq with no modifications.  Handling
inproved remarkably.  I used a Yokohama 4 something 205/50/15 VR tire.  This
handled great in the rain and in the dry (we had both at PIR QCUSA track day
last year).  Sorry I can't remember the the tire model number; it's not made
anymore anyway.


John Karasaki

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