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Re: California Screaming

>Instead of shouting your opinion, why dont you get some facts  (other than
>my mates rabbit roached his fuel pump after only one race)?

This is a opinion of fact that is garnered from racing for 12 years...... 
I have had long talks with the folks at VP race fuels, Shell, Phillips 
and Mobil....

Deleted stuff....

>It is also a common fuel at any club race day/rally etc in fact anywhere
>its not specifically outlawed or the competition is at a level where they
>can afford something better.

Here in the States the Only place that you can get AvGas is at an Airport 
and it's running about $2.50/gal for 100LL.....  It is not a good idea to 
use in a race engine or street engine because of the lo lubricity of the 
fuel and the lower flashpoint that is required for aircraft use hence the 
octane requirments.....

Besides I'd like to see just how long your O2 Sensor is going to last 
with all that lead..... Not very...........