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Fwd: Audi A4 (fwd)

I have 1100 miles on my A4Q and I believe 5 tanks of gas already.  
1st tank at approx. 22 mpg with half highway/half city and don't remember
about AC on/off.  2nd tank mostly city and AC on, approx. 18 mpg.  The 3rd is
around 20 mpg with mixed and AC off.  4th is mixed and AC off, approx. 22.5
mpg (my wife put in half the miles this time and she usually has better
mileage with our other vehicles).

I wish I did better but so far not below their specs of 18/29.  I believe the
mileage depends on how one drives and if the AC on with sunroof open.  

Let me know if you are able to improve your mileage.

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Ijust bought a "A4 Q" I have 2500 miles on it and iam getting  very bad
mileage,15 to18
a gallon, I have taken to the dealer three time, and they just dont kown. I
called audi and
all they do is document every thing I say. I been leaving at the pump!!! I
need some help
if any email me at ppet162@aol.com
                             THANKS .PHILIP P