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scca trans am championships

I have a few questions.  There is a sticker in me rear window.  It says,
"winner 1988 SCCA Trans Am Championship"  and it says Audi Sport.  I am
wondering if anyone has the idea that my car was in these races, a car
like mine was in these races and won, the guy who had this car went to a
meet and bought one of these stickers and put it in my car.  I think that
either of the last two are the most probable explainations.
	Next, every once in a while, then I go around a turn or even if I
am just accelerating, a little buzzer will go off, but no light will come
on in my display.  I have plent of oil an the guage says that my oil
pressure is OK.  Can anyone help?
	How many people are on this list.  I wa just wondering for
curiosity's sake.  Are any of you in the SF area and if you are, if you
see a red coupe with the license plate "SCCA GT", that's me.  Just thought
I would share that little bit of info.

85 Coupe