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Re: OOOOwww-D wins .... mods to car

GAME ON !!! wrote:
>         Steve, Congrats on your running at Columbus !  Sounds like alot of fun...
> Have you speced out your car to us listmembers in the past ?  If not could
> you give me the details of what kinds of performance stuff your running ?
> I've had tons of nice sports cars in the past but I just can't seem to get
> as much fun out of them as my 86 4KQ. I'll probably have it till the day I
> die. (currently I've got 186k miles on it) Just wondering what you running...
>                                                          Tom.

I have received several requests for information about my set-up so I figured I would 
respond to the list.  I race in SCCA stock class autocrosses.  The rules are VERY 
restrictive to try and control costs.  I have pretty much done everything that I can to 
the car.  I have made the following modifications, I have included estimated costs:

1. Koni Sport adjustable shocks.  The rear is set almost full stiff and the fronts are 
adjusted to the track condition but are normally about 2/3 stiff.  The shocks are great, 
but the ride may be a little firm for the street.  IMHO, use them for racing only.  If I 
were allowed to change springs I would go to a stiffer spring and softer shocks. about 

2. K&N Air Filter... I think it helps.  Can't hurt ;-)$40

3. Richened the fuel mixture.  Helps HP and hurts MPG.  May want to adjust this 
inversely with the price at the pump. Free

4. I need to run the stock exhaust through the cats, from the cat back it is free.  I 
run a two chamber Flowmaster.  It is really loud, but I think it sounds sweet.... the 
engine screams!  This definately increased the HP... may be worth the trade off of noise 
to HP for the street. $200

5. New suspension bushings all the way around... big help.  I would go to a "stiffer" 
material if the rules allowed it.  For the street I would go for Delrin or Nylon.  I 
know Eric was making some trick subframe bushings that may be worth a try.$200-$600 
depending on how much you do yourself.

6.  Advance the timing.  Mine is set to the max of factory spec as the rules allow.  For 
the street you can crank it up a bit more. Free or $50 to pay someone.

7.  Good synthetic oil.  It does help the longevity and the performance of the engine.  
I use Alisyn Synthetics. $30

8.  Remove dead weight.  I am allowed to remove the AC and I did so.  You may decide 
otherwise. Free

9.  Stainless brake lines... a big help. $60

10.  Metal Master brake pads.... another help. $60?

11. Alignment.... I have changed mine dramatically to help reduce understeer.  It is 
great for autocross but would be bad for the road race tracks and the highway... beleive 
me I know ;-) $60

I can still make the following mods to my car and I would be curious to hear suggestions 
from others as to the advantages gained by:

1.  Changing spark plugs... I run cheapo Champions... any suggestions?

2.  Changing spark plug wires... I run the 10 year old originals... suggestions?


Steven Verona