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Re: Need TTs Picts.

     I don't have the pictures but I do have a thought for you...
     Depending on what youy are doing this for and who will see it, you may 
     want to look into the legal aspect of using another corporations 
     trademark (the rings) in any form of presentation or advertising 
     before you actually go ahead and do it.
     Speaking from experiance here, I'm quite close with the president of 
     Dynaudio NA and recently heard of a potential disaster they 
     Seems that one of the sales staff took it upon himself to put together 
     an ad for the Dynaudio moblie product which featured a custom install 
     in a 911 turbo. Porsche got wind of the ad through the grapevine and 
     wrote to Dyn NA and politely asked them to cease using a regestered 
     trademark in their ads.
     Dynaudio Fed-exed a copy of the photos and the script to Porsche AG 
     with a very professional letter describing their position in the audio 
     market and their willingness to comprimise as they had already sunk a 
     lot of money into this ad.
     The package was Fed-exed back un-opened with a letter that stated " If 
     you use our trademark or any of our vehicles with a trademarked body 
     style, we highly advise you to seek the absolute best legal 
     repesentation you can find."
     To make it short, cover your ass....
     Just a thought here, be carefull what you use.
     Todd Candey       85 4ksq
     USRobotics        89 90q
     Skokie, IL USA

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Subject: Need TTs Picts.
Author:  Bryan Bowen <boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu> at Internet
Date:    4/29/96 04:24 PM

Hey y'all:
I'm doing a presentation on Audis for a Information Systems PowerPoint 
presentation and wanted some picts of the TT or preferably the TTS.  
Also wanted to use the Audi rings as a background.  Does anyone know good 
locations on the net to find some good picts and backgrounds?  
thanks in advance,
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