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Re: Metal Master v. Rain

> ....I have heard (no experience here) that they are great for 
>track use, but totally unpractical for everyday use, and are 
>horrible until they warm up...someone told me that they are 
>almost non-existant untill they are warm.

BZZZZzzzzttttttttt..... I run Cool Carbons on my car ALL the time, They 
are great cold (120mph stabs while cold WILL Beat the ABS) The Response 
of Carbon brakes all depends on the compounding.  You can get Carbons 
that are about as good as cinderblocks when cold but will extrude you 
through the seatbelts when hot (The IMSA Endurace brakes come to mind 
BTDT!) and at the other end of the spectrum you can get them so soft that 
they will last for 5000 miles on the street, Or ONE race session.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO