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NHIS event report

Well, the season got off to a tough start this year! Didn't place my entry in time and got on the waiting list. Got 'the call' last Mon night that I had made it to the top of the list and had an entry for Saturday's COMSCC driver's school at NHIS - Sundays race still sold-out though. Dropped work on the KUQEFH like a hot turbo exhaust manifold and and context-switched to the 4KQ race car. Starter, brakes, wash & vac, new numbers, degreased engine, O/C & F - found stripped oil drain plug (how the *@&#$^'n H_LL did that f&#$$'n happen?!), empty out all the winter's junk, charge batt, install race tires & wheels, never did get to the plugs or clean the K&N......  :(

Made it to NHIS by 7 am Sat - (big trip! ~3 mi :). Reg'd, picked up my package and new logbook. Unloaded the tools & sh_t, taped lights, etc. Passed tech! Initial instruction on flagging, car prep, safety, etc.Found my instructor - Jeff McCarthy - very nice guy!

First track session - 20 mins. Conditions cold & wet, but not raining. Instructor helped me to find the line again. I found that my heel&toe double-declutch downshifting practice all winter paid off - IT WORKS! Instructor comments:

this engine really pulls!!!!!  (basically stock '84 4KQ)
pretty good for only your second time here
definitely mastered heel & toe
Wow! You can really get on the power soon and track a much tighter line with all this traction!
(mostly coming out of the infamous/deadly turn 3 up onto the hill)
You're OK to solo for the rest of the day - no problem  (cool)

Weather SLOWLY improves...... Sessions 2, 3 & 4 each were an additional 20 mins. Lapped a bunch o cars including a new rustang Cobra and a schmiata in session #2!  :)  Got black-flagged for the first time in session #3 - no brake lights - fixed em & back out in 1 min (Doh!). Would have been black-flagged again at the end of session #4 for passing in an illegal location - but the session was over before they could get the flag out. I had been playing with a VR6 GLX, I let him pass me and then stayed glued to him, we got slowed by another car for a few laps that just would not let us by, then, after turn 4 he moved  over to let us by and we did, but this was not a legal passing spot - but going by him when he let us was the safest thing to do at the time anyhows - oh well - no big deal. More classroom instruction in the afternoon. Did get  signed-off officially to solo in the future - now working on an official COMSCC license.

All in all - A BLAST! Can't wait to run again! Highly recommended! These guys are more 'professional' and 'race-oriented' Vs the QCUSA events - which by the way I think are still worthwhile as well.

On Sunday they run a time-trial. Basically one-car-at-a-time against the clock - much like SCCA Solo I but no rollcage/harness/firesuit requirements for street cars - just a Snell 85 or better.


$25 COMSCC membership - now required - good for one year
$70 event fee
$10 track fee

Next COMSCC event at NHIS: Sat & Sun August 3 & 4th.

-glen (w/big racin' woodie  :)