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Re: K26 rebuild

In a message dated 96-04-29 18:56:17 EDT, you write:

>Over the last few days, my turbo whine has increased dramatically -
>especially over 1.3 bar. On the way home, it got loud enough on the last
>push to get outa the way of a SUV that I got REAL concerned. I expect that
>the bearings may be going.
>Other symptoms/info:
>No noise at idle. Still have boost - power dropping off a bit (hard to tell
>- I really wasn't getting on it).
>Temps have been 90+ the last few days, and with my AC off, I'm cycling at
>the "tick marks".
>So - what are my options?:
>Cost for a normal rebuild?
>I assume this isn't something I should try at home?
>I'm months away from a 'hot mod' K26, and still limited by funds. I'm hoping
>to remain in the $200-400.00 range for repair/replacement. Is this doable?

Sounds like the bearings are going....  Lots more of the tweeked ones will go
eventually as well, remember the max boost most stock 5ktq's see is 1.3 bar,
and fuel cutoff at 1.5....  The rebuild of a turbo is not rocket science for
a stock 5ktq, but the BALANCING of the unit is.....  You should either
rebuild the unit you have or buy a junk yard turbo with lower mileage (but
years of sitting could produce the same prollum you have now)...  Give me a
call about the rebuild prices, but you should be within budget....