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the beast is back and the beauty

Notice I've been quiet :).  I picked up my car on Sat, not
last Sat as planned because it wasn't ready.  What I did
pick up though was a drop dead gorgeous BMW K75s motorcycle, 
so I've been fawning over that lately.  Good thing too, because
my $^%*# Audi is still not running right.  I *think* it's 
because the O2 sensor was dead and my mechanic tweaked the
mixture around it until I can pick one up.  But the car is running
rich, and this morning it wouldn't start until I pulled all the
plugs, cleaned them, and stood on the gas for about 5 minutes.
RPMs slowly crawled up to normal then it was OK.  In fairness, 
I think I found a loose connector so that might have been it.

I still have a nagging problem with this 84 4000sq.  Going around
a turn and powering through it, you should have steady power
all along right?  Well, no.  I feel a noticable power loss going
into the turn (like a 90 turn into a parking lot) and an increase
when I straighten out.  What the heck could it be?  I'd suspect
CVJs but it's very quiet and makes no noise at all.

If I can get the damn thing to run right for once in its life you
might see me at Watkins Glen in a few months.  If not, bring 
marshmallows to the 1st annual quattro car roast :|

| Dan |