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Re: 91 200 TQ Seats

On 30 Apr 1996, Paul C. Waterloo wrote:

> Did the 91 200 TQ have the sports bucket seats or the "fat-bottomed" seats
> (A.K.A. Barca-loungers)?

yesterday at the mini-gathering there were a couple of these cars sitting
side-by-side.  2 of them had the barca-loungers and the other had the
sport buckets.  i would say that those cars that were 1990 1/2's had the
buckets while those that were genuine 1991's had the loungers.

> Can anyone tell me if they are the sports seats? I've dirven a S4
> before, and I have never seen any seats like these in a 91 200 TQ or 90
> V8.

s4 has unique seats.  really really kool.